A powerful universal motor-generator without brushes - IoT-ready

Unlike traditional magnet-based motors and generators, inverter-less and magnet-free GyroVerters offer the reliability of ocean-rated aircraft power systems. Uniquely combining the high-power benefits of military rail gun physics with a proven aircraft generator power system architecture, GyroVerters achieve high-reliability at power densities above 100-W/cu-in, 20-times higher than state-of-the-art inverters that do not store any energy. Completely agnostic to frequency, or speed of a prime mover, GyroVerters make ideal flywheel drivers and turbo/turbine generators for microgrid power systems. Its patent-pending rotating flux technology keeps all windings static.

A simpler, smaller, and smarter way for Power Flow Management

  • Eliminates up to 75% of efficiency losses from multiple power electronics conversions
  • Eliminates up to 25% of costs, eliminating complex magnetic bearing & vacuum systems
  • Improves reliability through redundancy with distributed inverter-less energy storage

The Power Reserve Margin Advantage

Power Reserve Margin

GyroVerters offer peak power capabilities of conventional synchronous generators with the energy storage capability of supercapacitors.