The GyroVerter --- A Cost-Effective Shock Absorber for the Grid(TM)

The GyroVerter(TM) is an innovative component for microgrids and diesel generation sites that increases reliability, simplifies designs, reduces losses, improves efficiency, and adds stability. It easily provides AC/DC conversions while eliminating inverters, rectifiers, and related electronics. Based on advanced designs taken from the aerospace industry, this robust technology will revolutionize microgrid designs, and will set a new standard for microgrid reliability.

Gyroverter--- the smart choice for your microgrid or diesel generation site:

  • Increases Reliability - eliminating rectifiers, inverters, and DC-link capacitors
  • Simplifies Design - Eliminates traditional components, cable harnesses, reducing costs
  • Improves Efficiency - Lengthens battery life and reduces diesel plant fuel consumption
  • Adds Stability - Transforms "dirty" power into clean power, stores energy for transitions
  • Reduces Losses - Eliminates devices for a more efficient use of energy and capital

GyroVerter micro energy storage:


The most reliable way to convert and store energy without magnets and inverters.